Multifamily Real Estate

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Our Strategy

Preservation of capital is our number one priority.

Our dream is to help you live out yours. With an investment that continues to grow in equity while generating simultaneous cashflow, establishing a multifamily real estate portfolio is a time-tested strategy to build wealth that lasts, no matter the season.

Why Multifamily

Cash Flow

Multifamily offers consistent and reliable cash flow, with rental income from multiple units covering expenses and generating profit. It tends to fare better during economic downturns than other types of investments i.e. stocks and bonds as people always need housing


Multifamily real estate tends to appreciate over time, offering potential for capital gains when sold. Moreover, value-add strategies, like property improvements, attract better tenants and increase rental income, enhancing property value.

Tax Benefits

Rental income is typically taxed at a lower rate, and investors can deduct property-related expenses like maintenance and mortgage interest. Strategies like cost segregation can accelerate depreciation deductions, boosting tax savings and overall return on investment.

Featured Properties

CubeSmart Self Storage


This 829 units on 6.8 acres property in Davenport, Florida is located in a rapidly growing neighborhood just south of Disney, outside Orlando. Orlando is the second fastest-growing large city in the country, with growth rates of 2.4% to 3% per year. However, our property’s surrounding area experiences double that growth, with a 5.5% annual growth rate in the three nearby zip codes since 2000.

Price: $11,097,584

Anticipated Rate of Return: 12%

Actual Rate of Return: 20%

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Villas at Riverbend,
Buy Price: $27,026,253
Anticipated Rate of Return: 12%
Briar Cliff Apartments,
North Carolina
Buy Price: $850,000
Current Value: $1,700,000
Hazelton Apartments,
Buy Price: $365,000
Current Value: $900,000
K&A Self Storage,
Buy Price: $625,000
Current Value: $927,000
Gale Avenue Apartment,
Buy Price: $675,000
Current Value: $1,200,000
Redford Apartment,
Buy Price: $225,000
Current Value: $750,000
Our Team

Michael Mannino

With over three decades of experience in residential, commercial construction, and real estate Principal Michael Mannino is a proven leader when it comes to finding, purchasing, and renovating profitable multifamily properties. He started Ark Investment Ventures with a passion to help people achieve stable, profitable, and passive income.
Strategic Partners

Our partners are a diverse group who represent our core values and collaborate for greater opportunities.

Barry Coppedge
Tooth and Nail Investment
Garrison Gilbert
InvestNOW Capital
Olivia Rosenbergh

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