Our commitment

Preservation of capital is our number one priority.

Our team is committed to making informed investment decisions and managing risk effectively to ensure that your capital remains protected.

Core Values

Capital Preservation

Preservation of capital is our number one priority. Our team manages risk effectively to ensure that your capital isprotected.


We value transparency, providing accurate information and keeping our clients informed throughout the process.


Our upper management team has over 50 years of combined hands-on experience in real estate and relationship building.

Class A, B, & C Assets

We specialize in identifying and pursuing attractive investment opportunities across various asset classes, partnering with Class A, B, and C grade operators.

Our Team

Michael Mannino

Mike Sr. is a licensed Master Builder in Michigan and Florida. With over 35 years in the construction industry, he has built, renovated, and remodeled over 100 residential houses, including multi-million dollar homes for local celebrities. He is a founder of several multi-million dollar companies that build and flip houses, and invest in multifamily real estate.

Executive Officer

Olivia Rosenbergh

Olivia spends her days working with Home Helpers Solutions, helping manage every aspect of house flipping, as well as part of the team at Michigan Real Estate Investors. She and her husband are also private money lenders and investors in apartment buildings.

Executive Assistant

Jaymark Parba

Jaymark is an executive assistant at AIV, overseeing marketing efforts and supporting the company’s daily administrative operations.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering, which provides him with a basic understanding of building construction and design.

Our Story

A journey of faith.

At Ark Investment Ventures, under the leadership of Michael Mannino Sr. and with a relationship with Jesus, we’ve done some amazing things. Michael has led three mission trips to Salt Lake City, Utah, for Kensington Church and played a key role in his local church, where we live, and God has changed us. Additionally, we partnered up with Life Remodel in 2011 to build a house in six days, remodeling the lives of the participants. Currently, Life Remodel has built and renovated over 100 houses, helped out blocks in the city of Detroit, and gone on to do amazing things.

Just like Noah’s Ark, the namesake of our investment ventures, we put our most valuable assets in a safe place. During the downtime in the economy, we have a proven track record of picking incredible returns when everybody else is scrambling to minimize losses. If you’d like to join us in this adventure, please contact us. Thank you.

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